Excavated Footage, US Archives, and Alternative Historiography

The Schedule

Day 1

MARCH 11 THU (Eastern Time)

19:00 - 20:10

Keynote Barrios and Bridges: USIA film and television and the Alliance for Progress with Latin America in the 1960s

Nicholas J. Cull (USC)

Break 20:10 - 20:15

20:15 - 22:25

Panel 1 The CIE and USIS Films in Japan: Historiographical Analysis

Yuka Tsuchiya (Kyoto University)

Panel 1 "Television on the Tigris" (1956-57): Excavating Televisual Diplomacy through the USIA/S Paper-trail

Hadi Gharabaghi (Drew University)

Panel 1 Mutual Security as Mutual Aid: How the US Government exploited Their Back Film Catalog for the Atomic Age

Regina Longo (Brown University)

Panel 1 Reframing Historiographic Paradigms of USIA Research in the American Context

Bret Vukoder (University of Delaware)

Panel 1 Notes on Networked Scholarship, Fugitive Archives: The Media Ecology Project

Mark J. Williams (Dartmouth College)

Break 22:25 - 22:30

22:30 - 00:00

Roundtable 1 Alternative Archival Futures

Kathleen M. Ryan (University of Colorado, Boulder) and David M. Staton (University of Northern Colorado)

Brian Real (Southern Connecticut State University)

Jennifer Horne (UC Santa Cruz)

Jung-a Kim (Konkuk University)

Day 2

MARCH 12 FRI (Eastern Time)

19:00 - 20:40

Panel 2 Fragment of Encounter: Excavating “the Chinese Colleen Moore” and “Newsreel” Wong in Transnational Digital Archives

Xin Peng (University of Washington, Seattle)

Panel 2 Between Frames: Missionary Films, Visual Afterlives, and American Encounters with East Asia

Joseph W. Ho (Albion College)

Panel 2 Screening the Empire: Liberty News and the Making of Postcolonial Korea

Juwon Kim (University of Toronto)

Panel 2 The Archive and the Catalog: How Government Films Disguise Provenance

Martin L. Johnson (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Break 20:40 - 20:45

20:45 - 22:25

Panel 3 [Film] Ghost Tape #10

Sean David Christensen (Visual Artist)

Panel 3 From Appropriation to Counter-Archiving: The Uses of U.S. Footages via Okinawa’s One-Foot Film Movement in Park Soo-nam’s Trans-East Asian Postcolonial Testimony Films

Shota Ogawa (Nagoya University)

Panel 3 ‘The Bard Wouldn’t Recognize Hamlet’: Seeing Ghana’s Hamile: The Tongo Hamlet (1965) Preserved

Jennifer Anne Blaylock (Oberlin College)

Panel 3 A War Propaganda in Translation: This Is Korea! from John Ford to Henry Chung DeYoung

Hahkyung Darline Kim (UC Santa Cruz)

Break 22:25 - 22:30

22:30 - 00:00

Roundtable 2 Interventions and Counterhegemony

Sangjoon Lee (Nanyang Technological University)

Han Sang Kim (Ajou University)

Chonghwa Chung (Korean Film Archive)

Eric Hoyt (University of Wisconsin-Madison)